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Shrimad Bhagwat completely devoted to astrological rituals and spiritual works, the birth of Parampujya Pandit Shri Ramkumar Shastri ji, in a Sudharayanmit family of Vaikund resident Pandit Shri Hariprasad Tiwari ji and Vaikund resident mother Smt. Happened at Ramvati Devi ji's place.Your revered father Shreeji was a full hearted devotee of Shriradhakrishna with sincere devotion. Shastri ji came to Shridham Vrindavan in his childhood and studied Sanskrit and music thoroughly in Shri Adarsh Ranglakmi Sanskrit College, Shridham Vrindavan and you Shri started the title of Shastri and Acharya from here only. Shastri ji has also performed astrology rituals in the company of eminent scholars and saints of Vrindavan.

Your education guru Shri Shivkaran Pandey is a great scholar of Shrimad Bhagwat and grammar. From whom you studied Shrimad Bhagwat. After that Shastri ji recited the first Shrimad Bhagwat Katha in Pathankot city of Punjab province after receiving the blessings of all the saints. In which many saints and devotees got benefits by reciting the story. By the year 2007, 178 stories of Shastriji had been successfully organized. On 24th April 2007, at the Hindu Temple Washington (USA), on the special request of all the Hindu Temple and all the devotees, AAP Shri accepted the responsibility of Thakur ji's worship service and complete arrangements. Which you have been doing with your body and mind since the present time and will continue to do it. All the devotees also get the pleasure of Bhagwat Katha and Bhajans from time to time through the Mukharvind of you Shri. We pray to God that your life should be busy in such divine works and the propagation of Sanatan Dharma should continue from abroad as well. This is the scriptural recognition of our ancestors, saints, sages and Indian culture. It is the ultimate duty of all of us Indians to follow it.

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