||Jai Shree Ram||   
||Jai Shree Ram||   

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Get Your Love Back

It is quite common for the people in our societies love each other.

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Stop Domestic Conflicts

He relentless and mundane processes of divorce could be heart wrenching and discouraging for any individual.

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Detailed Horoscope Readings

The range of services offered by Pandit Shri Ramkumar Shastri ji includes horoscope matching...

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Durga Mata Puja

Puja is worshipped for Bringing lover back, Stop Separation & Divorce, Stop cheating Partners.

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Navgrah Puja

Pandit Shri Ramkumar Shastri ji has a knack for identifying any suspicious problem or issue that ruins your mental peace

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Hanuman Puja

He relentless and mundane processes of divorce could be heart wrenching and discouraging for any individual.

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Lord Ganesha Puja

Starting new business, Loss in business, Bad luck, Bad health and wellness Lord Ganesha puja

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Shri Krishna Prayers

Devotees worship him as the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu and consider him to be the Supreme God.

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Pandit Shree Ramkumar Shastri Ji

Shrimad Bhagwat completely devoted to astrological rituals and spiritual works, the birth of Parampujya Pandit Shri Ramkumar Shastri ji, in a Sudharayanmit family of Vaikund resident Pandit Shri Hariprasad Tiwari ji and Vaikund resident mother Smt. Happened at Ramvati Devi ji's place..

Your revered father Shreeji was a full hearted devotee of Shriradhakrishna with sincere devotion. Shastri ji came to Shridham Vrindavan in his childhood and studied Sanskrit and music thoroughly in Shri Adarsh Ranglakmi Sanskrit College, Shridham Vrindavan and you Shri started the title of Shastri and Acharya from here only.

Shastri ji has also performed astrology rituals in the company of eminent scholars and saints of Vrindavan. Your education guru Shri Shivkaran Pandey is a great scholar of Shrimad Bhagwat and grammar. From whom you studied Shrimad Bhagwat. After that Shastri ji recited the first Shrimad Bhagwat Katha in Pathankot city of Punjab province after receiving the blessings of all the saints. In which many saints and devotees got benefits by reciting the story. By the year 2007, 178 stories of Shastriji had been successfully organized.

Do you have any problem that has no solution anywhere else, or do you know someone who is struggling to get his or her life back on the track then hold hands of top indian astrologer in london and trust on over 5000 years old science of stars doing wonders from ages.

  • Family problems in which family members are unable to get rid of disputes in between them
  • Then there are lost of problems, where even after going to a doctor, the person cannot fit
  • Panditji also see financial problems in which even after earning a good amount monthly, the pockets are empty before the month ends.
  • People see health issues in their lives for which medical science has no answers.
  • Achraya ji arranged all types of pooja , bhajan , katha bhagwat etc..

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