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In Vedic astrology, this Sanskrit word means 'five limbs' or 'five attributes' of the day:Thithi,Nakshatra,Yoga,Karana,and Vara(weekday).

An almanac that contains the astronomical / astrological daily details also came to be called a PANCHANGA because of the importance of five attributes; a Hindu astrological almanac, which follows traditional Indian cosmology, and presents important astronomical data in tabulated form

Panchang or Panchangam is an ancient Vedic calendar in a tabulated form that helps to plan for travel, work, money, love, etc, well in advance. It is simply an Indian Vedic almanac. It has evolved for the past 5000 years or so. The theories found in the two scriptures namely , Surya Siddhanta and Grahalaghava form the basis for the panchang. In English Panchang is termed as Ephemeris.

You can get to know the panchang of the current day as well as the past and the future days. This panchang has been calculated for Indian standard time and works for Chennai, 5:30 AM timing.

The word Panchang is derived from “Panch” meaning five and “ang” meaning aspect. Panchang gives you the auspicious and inauspicious timings of any day. It gives the Day, the Tithi, the Nakshtra, the Yoga, and the Karana of the Day. Hence the name Panchang.

The calculations for the panchang are based on the position of the various planets and constellations. In short it is a ready reckoner to find out if any day is suitable for activities like getting married, going on a trip, entering a new house, starting something new, etc. You need not totally rely on an Astrologer if you are well versed with the panchang.

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