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astrology birth chart reading can offer you greater insights intowhat kind of relationship may be more likely to be compatible with you at this time. It can also help to highlight areas of your personality and inner life that you may benefit from exploring and strengthening whilst not involved in an intimate relationship.

Meeting a Potential Love Partner

A reading can offer you some helpful information re what aspects of your chart and hence your soul path, have been awakened by meeting this person. The reading can focus entirely on your own chart or it can include the interaction, between both your charts (with permission from the other person).

Pre-Marriage/Long term Commitment

This is an ideal time to get a reading as it offers both of you helpful information about the strengths and resources in the relationship that can assist you over the years. It also addresses potential areas of misunderstanding and how to be aware of them so that they can be minimized. A reading will also highlight your soul purpose in coming together – what can you offer the world together that is bigger than each of you?

In a Relationship

A self other reading can offer immediate insights into the dynamics between the two of you as a couple – your strengths and resources as well as the areas that may be more challenging. It highlights what is awakened in each of you by being in relationship as well as what your soul purpose is in being together. A reading also describes the dynamics of the relationship itself as a third entity and how you both respond to ‘the relationship’. Ideally it works best to have separate individual birth chart readings first, before coming together to have a joint chart reading of the relationship itself. During or Post a Relationship Breakup: reading can offer insight into the underlying causes of the breakup as well as the learning that took place in the relationship and through the breakup. It can also offer comfort and a reminder of the inner resources that can assist you during this time. Astrological Relationship Counseling: this can offer insight and support in an ongoing way for individuals and/or couples who would like to explore the arena of relationships in their lives. Guided by the individual and relationship birth charts, the counseling will address issues to do with relationship in the present as well as helping you to make connections with pertinent childhood and family dynamics.


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